Saturday, November 12, 2016

Handmade signs using reclaimed wood

I have not posted much this past week, but I have been busy - just not with paper :)  I decided to play with some of the reclaimed wood of mine, (that hubby tried to take to the dump  - men!) Anyways it has been fun and  I have a few more pieces as well.  I love the Country Chic Chalk Paint, such great coverage and so easy to use!

I can't wait to put the Hot Cocoa one up... not long now :)  I have a similar coffee sign that I created and it is already up in my kitchen... will replace it with the cocoa one for the holidays.  To create the coffee sign I stained then stenciled on the letters.

I also have a similar Vintage Collectibles sign that I created for my bathroom... this one is for?  Haven't figured it out yet!

Finally another Coffee sign... you wouldn't know I don't like coffee would you?  I love everything coffee - just not the taste.  I didn't do anything to this piece... just sanded it and painted the wording... it was already painted and worn - talk about easy!

Products used:

Reclaimed wood


Teresa Kline said...

these are so cute....awesoem stencils!

sparkle & shine, kindness *~*

Jeanne said...

Fantastic projects! You make it look so easy and so stylish. Glad you rescued these from your hubby and the dump. Ha, ha! I so hear you about coffee! The smell is amazing. The taste, not so much. Thanks so much for sharing your talents!

~amy~ said...

Laurel, you're amazing...LOVE these signs. Chuckled that your hubby actually tried to get rid of the reclaimed wood (doesn't he know?!!!). You've altered them beautifully.

Audrey Pettit said...

SO awesome! Can't believe your hubby was about to take this wood to the dump! Thank goodness you rescued them! Absolutely love your signs!

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