Thursday, June 30, 2011

A few Home Decor projects.

I have finally finished some home decor projects for my bedroom.  I got the pots for next to nothing at the thrift store and I painted them this past March.  I picked up some silk flowers at a garage sale for 50 cents a bundle (big bundle in this photo and small one in next photo) and tonight I played around with some arranging.   I am NOT, repeat NOT a floral designer by any means, I really struggle with anything floral, but these are loosey goosey and they are basically white hydrangeas so I am happy with the results.

First up these pots:

were transformed into these.  I have one on each end of my dresser.

Now this pot...

turned into this and it sits beside my bed.  I am loving the look I am getting to my room.  I have a LONG way to go... but Rome wasn't built in a day ;)

Now while looking through my albums tonight I found this photo.  This is a mermaid I painted on the back of my kids bathroom door a few years ago.  Their bathroom was obviously an ocean theme, it has since been painted over now that they are older.  There were also fish painted around the bathroom.

and this was the towel holder that I designed and cut out myself.  I am by no means an artist when it comes to pencil and paper (the mermaid and fish were clip art that I projected onto the door and room) but I was happy with the results (now when I look at it I have to laugh... look at those goofy legs!).  The kids were little and I let them paint some of the fish as well.  Great fun.  It totally stressed hubby out though... he thought I was 'wrecking' the house.


Dora said...

What an amazing projects!

Scrapaddict said...

Love how you transformed the pots, very nice!

Esther said...

Your pots turned out lovely!!

lynn said...

great recycling on the pots! and your painting is awesome--love the mermaid esp!!

Brenda said...

The pots are lovely - and even better since you created them yourself. I can't believe that mermaid and fish - you are one talented chickie!

Stella said...

You really are multi talented. That mermaid; wow!
And I love love love your flower pots; fabulous job with paint and the gorgeous hydrangeas. And isn't it great to have them in bloom all year long? :)

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