Saturday, October 2, 2010


Anyone else having blogger issues??? I can't upload any pictures!


~amy~ said...

yipes...I wonder if everyone is trying to upload at the same time and blogger is getting jammed up or something? NOT a good day for that..

Kim said...

I've had issues all week. I can load from my school computer(which is not allowed...yikes) but I'm really having trouble at home. I thought maybe it is my laptop!
Kim xxx

Scrapaddict said...

I've had problems too, can load but pics are rotated 90 degrees UGH!

Heidi Van Laar said...

Ooh bummer! Not today, but it has happened in the past. hopefully you get it worked out!

(-: Heidi

sherryann (aka Sherry Eckblad) said...

Laurel, keep trying it took me forever to get mine loaded. I think it is from the overload of people uploading today.

Julie E said...

Yep, I had issues too yesterday...I finally cleared cookies and history from my computer and that seemed to fix it.

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