Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Greenery

Some more stuff that has kept me busy.

I have always shied away from floral arranging... mine never look any good.  Well I decided this year to give it another go... my first scrapbook page is nothing special either! LOL  So I went out into the bush and gathered some cedar branches, then came home and went to work.  I also made a couple other small ones that I gave as 'just because' gifts for the neighbors.

I am giving these to my parents and inlaws and one is for myself.  I did have fun doing them and I know they are not professional looking but I'm okay with that, I love fresh greenery.  The bits and pieces I cut off are scattered throughout my home and the branches are in a container.


Sharli said...

They're lovely! And I bet they smell heavenly!!!

Jeanne said...

Gorgeous greenery! I'm with you on the loving the look but not being all that great at it. Although, I think you are much, much more talented with it than you think you are!

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Laurel! Hope it's magical!

Scrapaddict said...

These are gorgeous!

Scrapaddict said...

These are gorgeous!

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