Thursday, December 23, 2010

Some Christmas Decorations

The challenge at The Studio is to take a picture of something that puts you in a holiday mood.  I took a few.

I just made this block this year but I love it.

My kids made these over 10 years ago and these poor little guys have been through a lot.  When we moved towns... I didn't let the movers pack these guys, they rode in the car with me!

I purchased a Norman Rockwell hard cover book.  I picked out some Santa pictures (I love Santa), scanned them and then printed them for some decorations.

Love this one!

Finally, this is very Christmasy for me.  I hand painted this over 10 years ago too and I still love it!  I do miss painting but so little time now to do everything I want to do.


Brenda said...

What a lovely peek inside your home! Merry Christmas, Laurel!!

Cheryl said...

Laurel - I love your decorations! Your house must look so beautiful and festive.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Dora said...

Lovely decorations Laurel!

Jeanne said...

Love the decorations, Laurel. Your house is very festive. The snowmen are precious and well worth a front seat ride during moves. The Norman Rockwell framed prints are so sweet (I love his work, too...great idea to scan and frame...gotta remember that). And the painted chair is fabulous. I didn't know you used to paint. I did too! LOL Although when I looked at your work close up, you were much better at it than I was. *Ü* Thanks so much for sharing!

Julie E said...

Seriously, I give up :>) I don't even have time this week to keep up with everyone's creations!

Michele said...

Your handpainted chair is a treasure! You are so talented and creative!

Scrapaddict said...

Love all of it!

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