Sunday, May 9, 2010

Just got back

Happy Mother's Day everyone, hope you all had a great day.  We were in Victoria for the weekend.  The girls had a track meet, although Danica could not do much as she ended up with strep throat.  Jaimee got a couple of PBs so it was good, the weather was fantastic!  Now I am unpacking and doing laundry - Happy Mother's Day to me ;)


Kathi C. said...

Happy Mother's Day, Laurel!

Sharli said...

Awww, being an exceptional Mom - well, I've often thought that every day is Mother's Day! LOL

I'm sending get-well wishes for Danica!


Jeanne said...

I sure hope Danica feels better soon. Sounds like you had a typical "mother's day." LOL

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