Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No Internet

AAAhhhh, I came home from work yesterday to see that I have no internet!  I won't have until at least Friday... aaahhhh.  I am like a fish without water when I have no internet.  Unfortunatlely with all the posting I did on the weekend, I didn't get any posts scheduled except for Friday.  So until then I won't be able to visit your blogs or add to mine.  Have a good week and I hope to be back soon.  Do check on Friday as I do have something coming up then.


~amy~ said...

Oh Laurel, sorry about that...I'd definitely be going through withdrawals...LOL...hang in there!

Kim said...

Aw, sorry about that, hopefully you won't go into withdrawls...hugs
Kim xXx

Lynn said...

Hi Laurel, I hope your internet comes back soon, it's almost like having your right arm cut off..

Jeanne said...

What a huge bummer about your internet. Hopefully you can use the time to stockpile a ton of creative projects!

I completely understand your frustration though! I sure wouldn't be a happy camper.

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