Monday, May 28, 2018

Mindful Monday - drink

Welcome to the second Mindful Monday challenge.  What is Mindful Monday?  well... it is explained here, but in a nutshell, documenting simple things that just make us happy.  I think it is important to take the time to be mindful and just appreciate what we have, and the simple and amazing things that surround us in our daily lives.  

This week's prompt is...drink 

Can you get a simple pleasure from a drink?  I sure can for me it is tea and I savor every sip. What about you?  nice cold glass of water/lemonade on a summer day?  coffee? evening glass of wine?  mug of beer?  

I'm sure that you know by now, I'm a tea lover.  Love my tea anytime of the day. 

I have used the Bright Side collection by Fancy Pants to document my love for tea.

I have used some of my stamps too.  In fact one of the first PTI stamps I ever purchased was the Tea for Two.  I have used it so many times. 

I really enjoy the moments of having my tea.  Whether browsing the internet, sitting in my chair looking at magazines (yes I like my magazines.... never could get into digital - hmmm another Mindful Monday perhaps) or just sitting outside having an afternoon tea.  I love what savoring a cup a tea is... time to do just that.  Slow down and have a tea.  

A mindful moment for sure.  I have also used a sentiment from an Altenew stamp set. 

No matter how busy life is, I always take time for my tea. 

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Would love to see your take on it!


Jeanne said...

You sure make it look and sound luscious! Wonderful Mindful Monday subject. I haven't really gotten into drinking hot tea. I do like Lipton Tea with Lemon instant tea. I like the lemon flavor. I guess, with hot tea, I always thought I'd have to drink it rather quickly before it cooled off to much, or I worried I'd have to put in too much sugar to make it taste good. Guess that must not be the case. ;) Thank you so much for sharing!

MariLynn said...

I like your pages about tea. I like your use of the little tea stamps. I love the little macaroons.

Karen Letchworth said...

Your cards and projects are always SO inspiring, Laurel. This definitely gives me inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing!
Blessings to you,
Karen Letchworth

Billie A said...

Great journal. Fun images and so creative.

Lisa said...

Beautiful! Love your journal pages... I'm not a tea person usually.. I drink it when I'm not well.. and I like it... but my love is coffee. You know... in case you didn't!

vinita jain said...

Love your journaling pages, so inspiring, you have awesome collection!

Verna Angerhofer said...

Great journal page design.

Kelly Booth said...

Great journal pages Yum!

Arianna Barbara said...

Awesome journal pages!!! Love your little macaroons and the cup!

Fikreta said...

Great journal page

Miko Radcliffe said...

This is such a beautiful journal spread. Love the cleanness of it and the dies you used are just adorable.

Helen Gullett said...

Great journal!

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