Monday, May 7, 2018

Mindful Monday - Grandma

Welcome to the second Mindful Monday challenge.  What is Mindful Monday?  well... it is explained here, but in a nutshell, documenting simple things that just make us happy.  I think it is important to take the time to be mindful and just appreciate what we have, and the simple and amazing things that surround us in our daily lives.  

This week's prompt is... grandma.

What does that mean to you?  your grandma, you as a grandma, what is a special memory you have of your grandma?  what is a special treasure you have that reminds you of your grandma?

Growing up, I really only had my grandma - my mom's mom.  My dad's mom passed away when I was 4.  My dad's dad before I was born and my mom's dad when I was 4.  So I had one grandma and loved her dearly.  When I started dating Jason, his grand parents became pretty special to me as well.
So I have documented a couple of things that are special to me about each grandma.

I have used the Chasing Dreams collection by Crate Paper and the Vintage Ledger stamp by Unity.

As a child I always loved the beautiful blue hydrangeas that were at my grandmas front door.  They were always my favorite.  When I lived out of town and began my own gardens, my grandma started me a few plants from her hydrangeas.  

When we sold our house, apart from all the special memories I had there... I was very sad to leave my hydrangea plants (it was winter and they were buried in snow).  Unbeknownst to me... one of my neighbors went over in spring and dug up one of the plants, planted it in her garden until we came to visit.  She never told me so when we happen to head back a year later to visit.... I was so happy!  

Now that plant is in my current flower bed and is one of my favorites.

Jason's grandma had a wall full of these plaques.  Did your mom or grandma?

When she passed away, everyone was wanting the jewelry (I'm not much of a jewelry person) or the furniture.  We just wanted something that reminded us of her and so... each of us chose our favorite plaque and now they are in my kitchen.  Priceless I would say :) 

Now what about you... what makes your heart happy about your grandma?  I would love to see it:


Marlena M. said...

Beautiful tribute to your grandma Laurel! Yes, my grandma had one (I didn't get hers but I bought the same one at a yard sale with "God Grant Me the Serenity"). Thank you for sharing your priceless memories, I love Mindful Mondays!

Jeanne said...

This is so thoughtful and loving, Laurel. I really appreciate your being willing to share such personal memories. I was so touched by the story of the hydrangea. What a loving friend to do that for you. The plaques are wonderful. I only have one grandma that I remember. My grandparents lived in the Midwest, while we lived on the west coast, so I didn't see them much at all. But my dad's mom would make and bake homemade bread when she came to visit a time or two. And she'd take a bit of the bread dough and pull it to form a doughnut shape and deep fry them. She called them bangs. Oh golly, they were so good. I adored adding some butter when they were hot. Yummy. She was a special lady who lived to age 99. :)

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